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Please, call me Juliette!


I am a French Illustrator living in the countryside of England

I work mainly in traditional media, my favorite materials to use are gouache, watercolors and colored pencil and I also like to experiment with Procreate

and Illustrator/Photoshop. 

My work celebrates ordinary moments and my love for nature. 

I work in a Studio out of my home with too many cups of cold coffee around me.

I work full time creating art, running my Etsy shop and instagram account and tiktoks.

If you'd like to work with me please don't hesitate to contact me.

About me :


  • From and Currently Residing in: Paris France, Norwich UK.

  • My Season: Autumn

  • Lifeblood: A cup of cold coffee because I forgot to drink it when it was warm.

  • Favorite Scent: Christmas trees

  • Favorite Childhood Book: Chien Bleu, Nadja

  • Current Color Obsession: Pistachio Green

  • Creative Outlet: Editing short videos and knitting

  • Dream Project: Animating my own short

  • Strength: Color

  • Weakness: Overthinking

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