Hello strawberries gang! 🍓

Are you ready for the beginning of Spring and longer sunnier days? I am quite excited to stop taking vitamin D tablets every morning and getting that sweet sweet vitamin from the sun itself again! (when possible - I live in the UK...)

As some of you might know I opened my shop this month AND registered as self-employed! Big scary steps, but important ones towards the life I'm manifesting for myself. I've learned so much from it and thought of sharing some tips with you guys!

  • It doesn't matter at the end how good your product is. The way you present it on social media is more important.

For marketing students / professional that is probably not a hot take but for a creative at heart this realisation rocked by world. Once you know what you want to sell, spend time thinking on how to sell it. Here are some questions I ask myself when creating the posts:

"Is this post easily shareable on a story?" "Is this the vibe for who my audience is?" "Does it bring value?"

  • Etsy or own website?

Etsy charges and take too much from their sellers and the cut has jumped this month from 5% to 6.5% ! And that's without the price you pay when you create a listing! I am now thinking of putting my shop on this website as my customers have been brought through social media, but Etsy still stays a great website to sell arts and craft and very easy to use.

  • You can't do it all, go for a walk. You have time.

My mental health wasn't great this month. Between creating content, brainstorming content, illustrating, following trends, spending time on social media for work related reasons, learning how to do listings on Etsy, filming and editing Tiktoks, planning for the following months all the projects I would like to pursue, I talked myself into believing I didn't have time to go on a walk. Trust me, you should take time for your mental health, or you will hit a wall! Stupid mental health walk around always works!

  • Printing companies or buying my own printer?

I started thinking buying bulk of prints would be less expensive on the long term, the problem is each shop update would cost the same price as a good photo printer.

I will be switching to buying a printer, ink and paper this month.

Here's a good PROS and CONS list for why:


_ No waiting : When ordering from printing companies the order can take a few weeks to arrive. As I create everyday, I would like you guys to be able to buy prints you like quickly and not wait for them to arrive. For my business model it just makes sense. _ Etsy favorise shops with over 100 listings

_ The price of one order at the printing company is the price of a good printer with ink.

_ I have control on the end product and make adjustments on colors

_ When buying in bulk, I don't know which print will be more popular than another one _ Less wasteful and less expensive for me _ Once I finish an illustration I can just print it, take a picture and list it on my shop.


_ Ink is expensive

_ I have literally no idea how printing works? But I can learn!

_ For large amounts of stock, it's time consuming to print everything

  • Shop Update:

A shop update is planned for mid-march with more small prints and stickers and a MUG !! As a BIG coffee drinker and mug collectionner, I am so excited about this! ☺️

  • Youtube?

Last month I talked about starting my Youtube channel and facing my fears. WELL I didn't! I kept pushing back editing myself to the bottom of the to do list and thinking that I needed to lose weight before being presentable for the camera. I'm still trying to deal with my fears and I will try to conquer them this month!

I created a painting (above) that is now available on this website here for £1! (as a digital copy) All the money collected each week from the sales will be donated to these 2 Ukrainian organisations:

  • Nova Ukraine, a Ukraine-based non-profit that provides civilians with everything from baby food and hygiene products to clothes and household supplies.

  • Revived Soldiers Ukraine, which funds medication and medical supplies for army hospitals on the front line. (which will help soldiers from either side)

Buy the Art Piece here

I know finding a good charity sometimes can feel overwhelming and/or feeling like we don't have enough money to donate. I did some research and found these two amazing Ukraine based organisations that will know exactly what people need daily. If you have any other great non-profit charities recommendations, please let me know!

I saw other illustrators raising money in different ways through their art and thought of this way to help a little.I am feeling very scared and emotionally drained so if you are too, know that you are not alone!

On this somber note, I hope you take care of yourself very much this month, I really do.

Wishing you love! 🍓

Juliette xxx

and as usual some pictures of the past month ☺️